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become a venue host

Tech Alley is a non-profit created to build and support local technology and startup communities. We could not accomplish our goal without the time, effort and support of our venue hosts.

In partnering with you, our goal is to drive awareness and future traffic to your business in the Santa Fe Arts District.

Similar to the buzz that happens during "First Friday", we would like to do our part to create that same type of increase in business.

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what's a venue host?

Tech Alley seeks to host a variety of startup, small business, founder and entrepreneurial topics, with the goal of providing educational information to help businesses establish, grow and succeed.

We hope to partner with venues throughout the Santa Fe Arts District to host these breakout sessions, panel discussions, interviews and gatherings.

what's involved?

As a venue host, we would love for you to participate in the event, and enjoy the various panels, discussions and activities.

We would also love for you to provide an introduction of your business, and a quick elevator pitch of what you do and the services that your business provides, at the beginning or end of each panel or discussion.
Your level of involvement is completely up to you.

In the very least, we would need you tp provide access to your venue, by 8:00am on the day of the event. And either instructions on how to lock up, or a way to secure your venue at the end of the day (around 5pm).

You could also provide marketing materials and any incentives, as you see fit.

what's in it for you?

Our goal in partnering with the businesses in the Santa Fe Arts District, is to build awareness and create on-going customer traffic for you and your business.

The event its self provides a great opportunity to network and gather valuable business information.

Though our organization is named "Tech Alley", the reality is we are all businesses. The topics that are covered are business related, and beneficial to ALL business types.

As a non-profit (501.3C) organization, we are able to accept invoices, at fair market value, for the use of your space, as an in-kind donation. By submitting your invoice, you are eligible for a tax write-off (please consult your tax advisor for more details).

Invoices can be submitted electronically, through our invoice portal.

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