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meet our track ambassadors

Our Tech Alley Track Ambassadors are the serving their communities the most. They are passionate about their industry, community, culture, area of expertise, space or niche. They are the people working hard to provide a platform for topics and discussions that matter most to their community. We are proud and appreciative of their hard work and passion!

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Marta Spirk
Minority Owned Business

Marta was born and raised in Brazil to an entrepreneur dad and a pastor mom. Very early on Marta demonstrated an interest for the English language and American culture, and began teaching English at 14. She went on to get a BA and MA in English, became a certified court interpreter and married an American who she met in a church conference in Tulsa, OK. After the surprise and blessing of triplets in 2016, Marta found a passion for encouraging and empowering women - as she learned to encourage and empower herself through the hardships of adult (and triplet) life. In 2020, her dream of becoming a US Citizen finally came true and her coaching business grew exponentially to the point of being able to serve thousands of entrepreneurs, helping them stop spinning their wheels trying random personal development resources, and finally learn to boost confidence and grow their business by looking at their most valuable resource - THEMSELVES!

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Daniel Lowe
NFT's & Web3 

When Daniel was introduced to the concept of Web3 he immediately understood a million different ways it was going to change the world and the billion different ways he could not understand. Daniel is excited to see what the future holds and to be at the forefront of the builders laying the foundation for the future of the space.


Vadym Ostrovskyy

Vadym came across sustainability in his job as a B2B packaging sales executive for a fortune 500 working with multinational organizations on plastic replacement as well as recycling initiatives. Getting first-hand experience with the magnitude of the recycling problem inspired his interest & passion in sustainability as a broader topic.

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Dave Hiebeler
Small Business Marketing 

The most common challenges emerging businesses have is that not enough of their best prospects know about them as a choice. Dave hears it all the time. Too many waste good money with poor marketing strategy, poor tactical execution, or have unrealistic expectations on what real results should look like? Dave has over 3 decades executing thousands of campaign strategies for businesses of all sizes. He is passionate about sharing and teaching what he knows, in this space with those that hunger to raise their game-skills to be better marketers.

join the team

Tech Alley is a non-profit created to build and support local technology and startup communities. We could not accomplish our goal without the time, effort and support of leaders in the community like you.

In order to serve a variety of niche topics, interests, minorities, students and underserved, we need to enlist the help and support of people that already have a passion for their own community.

We need, YOU.

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what's a track ambassador?

Track Ambassadors are leaders in their own community or niche. They have a passion for a particular topic, interest, community or effort. They may not be the "thought leader" in their space. But they know who the "movers and shakers" are.

Track Ambassadors are not afraid to reach out to the thought leaders, celebrities and super heroes within their area of interest. And know that by reaching out to the leaders in their space, they are doing their part to help the local startup and business community.

what's involved?

80% of the speakers and sessions are pre-scheduled by our Track Ambassadors. Each track ambassador is responsible for recruiting, organizing and making sure they get speakers, within their niche/track for upcoming events.

You would be responsible for finding and booking 10 events (or more...if you want to), within your track, per year.

This could include:

  • Panel Discussions - three or more people discussing a topic, with or without audience participation

  • Interviews - two or more people engaged in a direct conversation with each other, with or without audience participation 

  • Workshops - a "how to" presentation, with deep audience participation

  • Q&A's - a direct dialog between the speaker(s) and the audience

  • Presentations - a presentation of a topic or subject, with or without audience participation and/or Q&A

  • etc.

As a Track Ambassador, it is NOT required that you sit on, or moderate, or participate in the actual panel, interview or presentation. But it is entirely up to you if you choose to.

what's in it for you?

As a track ambassador, the ability to reach out to influential people from your niche, or field of interest, is a highly valuable position to be in.

Think of the most ridiculously famous person in your industry or space...

If you had to pick up a phone and call them today, what would you ask them?

...Now, what if you could invite them to be a guest speaker at Tech Alley Denver? The ability to speak in front of an audience of local people, that are interested in what they have to say.

The ability to make that call, and set up a speaking opportunity for a thought leader in your space, is a great networking position to be in.

Now, think about the impact that persons words may have on a startup, founder, local business owner or entrepreneur in your space...

By you simply picking up a phone and inviting a person that you admire, you may have changed the life and livelihood of a person that lives here in Denver, or Colorado.

That's a GREAT reason why you should be a Tech Alley Track Ambassador!

get paid to mentor

Only available to speakers, vendors, sponsors, and ambassadors that have or are registered to speak at Tech Alley Denver.

Discover how to get paid to host follow-up video mentoring sessions.

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Get Paid To Mentor...

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Only available to speakers, vendors, sponsors, and ambassadors that have or are registered to speak at Tech Alley Denver. Discover how to get paid to host follow-up video mentoring sessions.