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startup pitch

A startup event couldn't be a startup event without a "Pitch" Event...

Founders are encouraged to apply to present for feedback on "Investor Decks", "Product Decks", "Feature Improvements", and "Team Decks".

If you are an early to mid-staged startup or small business, we encourage you to apply.

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what's involved?

We welcome most pitch opportunities, though we do have a procedure for how we accept and vet applicants.

Here are the steps you can expect:

Step 1 - Have a 30-Second Pitch in mind, have responses available for the "Problem", "Solution", "Go-To-Market Strategy", "Team", and "Ask"


Step 2 - Click the link to schedule a Calendly screening phone call


Step 3 - Schedule a Zoom "Mock Presentation" through Calendly


Step 4 - If approved, you will be added to the schedule


Step 5 - Ahead of the event, you should be promoting your upcoming pitch at Tech Alley through email, social media and throughout your network


Step 6 - On the day of your pitch: 

  • We will only have 1-2 presenters

  • Each presenter will have 7-Minutes to pitch

  • The audience will have 20-Minutes to ask one question each. These are feedback questions, not time to explain what was not included in the deck. In most cases, the most appropriate response to a feedback question is simply, "Good point. Thank you"

  • After the pitches and feedback, there will be time to network and follow up


Step 7 - We will email you photos and/or video of your pitch.​


Step 8 - You should post to your social media and/or email campaigns about your experience at Tech Alley "Startup Pitch"

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