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“It's failure that gives you the proper perspective on success.”
- Ellen DeGeneres
Join us in reshaping the narrative around failure and championing the journey of recovery
By supporting Founder Rehab, you're investing in the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, helping them harness their experiences to create remarkable businesses.
Empower a Community of Resilience with Founder Rehab
At Founder Rehab, we're on a mission to rewrite the narrative of startup failure. We know that behind every setback lies the potential for extraordinary growth. By supporting us, you're not just backing a program – you're igniting a transformational journey for founders who've faced adversity.

Imagine a world where failed startups become stepping stones to success, where resilience triumphs over setbacks, and where mental well-being is prioritized. With your sponsorship, you're not just investing in a program; you're investing in the mental health of entrepreneurs and the strength of our business ecosystem. Statistics show that second-time founders are more likely to succeed after learning from their past experiences. By backing Founder Rehab, you're contributing to a community of entrepreneurs who are rising stronger, wiser, and more determined than ever. Your support fuels a movement that fosters innovation, collaboration, and new beginnings. Join us in creating a brighter future for founders who've faced challenges head-on. Your sponsorship isn't just a contribution; it's a commitment to building a resilient community that paves the way for extraordinary success stories. Together, we're shaping a landscape where failure is a stepping stone, not a stumbling block. Be a catalyst for change. Support Founder Rehab and help us empower entrepreneurs to thrive once more.

Founder Rehab - Sponsor FAQ
Why should my business sponsor Founder Rehab?
What's the success rate of second and third-time founders?
What are the benefits of being included in the printed Work Books?

Sponsoring Founder Rehab means supporting Former Founders, entrepreneurs with invaluable experience who've faced setbacks. These individuals are poised for success. Your sponsorship isn't just an investment in their journeys; it's an investment in the future of innovation.

Statistics show that serial entrepreneurs, especially those who've experienced failure, have a higher chance of success. By sponsoring, you align your business with a community that thrives on resilience and innovation.

Being featured in our Work Books is a powerful way to showcase your commitment to entrepreneurs' mental health. Your brand gets prominent visibility as an advocate for personal growth and recovery.

What are the benefits of being featured on the website and emails?

Our digital platforms reach a wide audience. Your sponsorship will be recognized by potential customers, partners, and affiliates, aligning your business with a mission focused on healing and empowerment.

How can my brand benefit from being featured on shirts and swag?

Founder Rehab gear travels far and wide. By having your brand on our merchandise, you gain exposure at events, meetings, and beyond, showcasing your support for entrepreneurs' well-being.

How does Founder Rehab's ability to grow into multiple cities benefit my business?

As Founder Rehab expands, so does your brand's reach. By supporting our program's growth, your business can tap into new markets and communities, demonstrating your commitment to mental health and entrepreneurship.

What's the significance of attaching my brand to a program with a mental health and emotional wellness mission?
Are there specific sponsorship tiers available?
How do I become a sponsor?

In today's world, mental health and emotional well-being are critical issues. Associating your brand with a program that actively addresses these concerns strengthens your image as a socially responsible business.

Yes, we offer various sponsorship tiers to suit your business's goals and budget. We're flexible and eager to collaborate in ways that align with your brand's vision.

Becoming a sponsor is simple. Reach out to us through our website, and we'll connect with you to discuss the sponsorship opportunities and how we can mutually support Former Founders on their journeys to success.

You're contributing to an environment where failure isn't the end, but a stepping stone to greatness.
Level 2 Sponsor
Where your sponsorship goes:
✔ Workbook Vouchers
✔ Program Support
✔ Platform Support
✔ Facilitator Vouchers
✔ Community Support
You get the following:
✔ Website logo placement with active URL link
✔ Logo placement on Print Materials
Level 1 Sponsor
Where your sponsorship goes:
✔ FREE Workbooks
✔ Program Growth
✔ Facilitator Training & Support
✔ Community Outreach

✔ Community Events
You get the following:
✔ Website logo placement with Vanity URL & Referral Page
✔ Logo placement in Workbooks and on Print Materials
✔ Logo placement on Facilitator Shirts
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