October Speaker Sessions Closed

November Deadline is Friday October 14 at 5:00pm

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session submissions

Tech Alley highly encourages a wide variety of topics, languages and availability for inclusion. Though mainstream, current topics are appreciated. Special consideration will be given to sessions that address gender, ethnic and economic diversity and inclusion. All topics will be considered, though the organizing committee has final discretion on all approved sessions. 

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what to expect

All approved sessions will be added to the Tech Alley Denver website. Links to the Tech Alley Denver events will also be included on the Tech Alley Reno and Las Vegas websites, as well.

Session speakers are highly encouraged to promote their own panel and session, as well as the Tech Alley event, both when being accepted as a session, and ahead of the scheduled event date.

On the day of the event, we will gather collectively to kick-off the day long event. Then, we will break out into sessions.

Sessions should be 30-45-Minutes in length, and may be recorded.

Sessions will rotate on the hour. 

Attendees will be able to choose which sessions they would like to attend, and will follow a guide in order to navigate between sessions.

Networking may be done in any public access area.

Speakers are highly encouraged to attend other panels and discussions, as well as the end of day networking and mixer.

submission components:

As you plan for your submission for Tech Alley Denver, here are some key tips to help you:

  • Title - Make it catchy!

  • Video pitching your submission, or a link to a previous presentation - help us see how you present and interact with your audience.

  • If video or a monitor is required, please select the A/V drop down when submitting your session

  • Track selection - please only submit each session once

  • Session format (talk, panel, workshop)

  • Ideal session length (30, 45 or 60 minutes)

  • Contact information (email, company) including a backup person

  • Collaborators/panelists

  • Public-facing description

  • Reviewer notes/pitch

  • Target audience

  • If you need to discuss accessibility (virtual session, ASL or language interpretation, etc.)

  • Code of Conduct and Diversity and Inclusion acknowledgments

  • All submitted Tech Alley sessions will be REQUIRED to have gender and/or race/ethnicity diversity with regard to its organization, participation and/or content

Submission Do’s:

  • Bring your best. Remember that less is more. Please limit your submissions!

  • Be concise and polished

  • Show us the diversity and experience of your panelists

  • Consider your audience

  • Submit on time using the portal

  • Always remember to give first


Submission Don'ts:

  • Pitch products or services

  • Be ambiguous

  • Abuse the system

  • Duplicate submissions

  • Worry about logistics - Tech Alley will take care of that part!

Do you have a question or concern? Contact us

topics of particular interest

Though Tech Alley encourages creativity and a wide range of topics, we have a special place in our hearts for the following session topics.


Topics either involving or targeting students, youth inclusion and diversity


Topics either involving, targeting minority groups, or conducted in different languages

Gender Equality

Topics either involving or targeting gender inclusion and diversity


Topics either involving or targeting LGBTQ community inclusion and diversity

Social Impact

Topics either involving, encouraging or targeting social impact issues, inclusion and diversity


Topics either involving or targeting ecological efforts, change or implementation

Founder Support

Topics either involving or targeting support, encouragement, resources for founders and entrepreneurs


Topics either involving or targeting grants, scholarships or funding vehicles available to founders

Startup Ecosystem

Topics either involving or targeting startup ecosystem planning, unification and organization efforts

Do you have a question or concern? Contact us

get paid to mentor

Only available to speakers, vendors, sponsors, and ambassadors that have or are registered to speak at Tech Alley Denver.

Discover how to get paid to host follow-up video mentoring sessions.

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