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Business Incubator

what is a refugee business incubator?

When a person is displaced from their country of origin, it doesn't have to mean that the skills they were able to leverage and contribute should be lost, simply because they are in a new country.


The time and skillsets developed starting, running, and growing their business in their home country shouldn't be passed over, simply because they don't have access to a network, financial resources and lack an understanding of the cultural differences in their new home.

What if we could build a team around their skillset, accelerate they acclimation and expedite their return to business ownership, creating solutions and jobs?

What if instead of another employee, we can create employers?

our mission

To help refugees with previous business ownership experience, re-establish business ownership and create new employment opportunities within the United States.


We seek to prove that in the same time span that it would take to employ a refugee in a minimum wage job, that we can build a team of experts and mentors, around a concept, create a business that is in revenue, and fabricate a business the provides jobs for local job seekers.

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