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1. Header Slide - This will be the first info people see.

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How it works...

Simply fill in the blanks, and we turn your responses into a shareable digital pitch deck. Then we email you your link, so you can start getting your innovation and concepts into more hands!


2. Quick Intro - This will be a brief message from you.

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3. Problem Slide - Simply address the problem you seek to solve.

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4. The "Why" Slide - Briefly share why this matters...

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5. Solution Slide - Simply address how you solve the problem.

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6. The Prove It Slide - Sell us on why your solution works...

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7. Team Slide - Tell us about your team and why they are the right team for this challenge...

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8. Traction Slide - Tell us how far you've gotten so far.

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9. Competition Slide - Tell us about your competitors...

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10. The "Ask" Slide - Tell us what you are looking for.

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11. Next Steps - Write a message with next steps...

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A letter from the

12. All done! Now submit your responses and we'll publish your deck.

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