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become an expert mentor

Now that you've registered to speak at Tech Alley Denver, let us help connect you to attendees that would like to follow up with you in a 1-On-1 consulting session!

We appreciate that your time is valuable, so we are going to help you generate revenue through these sessions.

Lets help the ecosystem through 1-On-1 Consultations!

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what's an expert mentor?

This opportunity is only available to past or scheduled speakers, panel guests, vendors, sponsors, Track Ambassadors and Cultural Ambassadors who have, or will be participating in the Tech Alley Denver monthly events.

As a past participant, attendees would like the opportunity to follow up with you to learn more and benefit from your advise and mentorship. Some speakers may already have a business that supports booking and scheduling mentorship sessions. But many of the speakers that participate do not have a paid model for booking and scheduling sessions.

Whether you have a model setup or not, Tech Alley Denver can help streamline and convert attendees to paid and scheduled mentor/consulting sessions.

This is just another benefit of speaking and participating at Tech Alley Denver.

what's involved?

Now that you've registered as a speaker for an upcoming Tech Alley Denver event, lets help you connect with attendees!

Participation is simple!

Simply fill out the form below, providing the following:

•  Your own rates for 15, 30, 45 and 60 Minute Sessions

​•  Information about you and your field of expertise

•  Two different headshots

•  Schedule your availability through Tech Alley's Calendly "Team" account

Then, when an attendee or a site visitor pays and schedules a session with you, you will receive an email detailing why they want to meet with you, a brief overview of their company, and the 3-questions that they would like to get your advise and feedback on.

Your session will be handled through the Tech Alley Zoom Account. 

•  Simply log in at your scheduled time and do your magic!

what's in it for you?

Our goal in hosting these events is to help people in our local community discover and connect with resources that are available in our ecosystem.

Though knowledge is great! We want to provide an environment where fellow business owners, or future entrepreneurs are able to follow up and create long lasting ties to local resources.

So, even though it was great that you shared your knowledge with attendees...Imagine what could happen if they had the opportunity to actually follow up?

Beyond that, you are able to set your own rates for your sessions.

Tech Alley Denver does charge a 20% booking fee, that is allocated to our general fund, and applied to expenses, scholarships, grants and awards, through our 501.3C non-profit status.

So, this is also an opportunity to generate additional revenue for you and your business.

Your custom URL ( means you can easily share your booking link through: - Email - Web links - Email signature - Social compaigns - Business cards - Signage at events Or you can simply invite audiences, from the stage, to book 1-on-1 time with you by saying, "Schedule some One-on-One time with me, by going to" Your custom URL makes it easy for you to earn money and support your favorite charity, with Mentor Alley!

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Sharable QR Code When you save your Custom QR Code to your screensaver on your phone, sharing your booking page is so very easy! Simply wake up your phone, and have potential clients scan your QR Code with their phone! Pro Tip - Print out your QR Code and use it as signage to drive more traffic to your booking page! Mentor Alley makes it so very easy for you to earn money and support a charity that is dear to your heart!

Steve Rooney - Mentor Alley - Social.png

Share Socially! When you share your Custom Web URL on social media, text and through messaging apps, Mentor Alley has created a Custom Social Graphic to help you gain better conversion when you share. Mentor Alley makes it easy for you to build engagement, book 1-on-1 video calls, earn money and help support a charity or cause that is dear to your heart.

donate your time for a cause

Would you like to donate your time?

If you choose to donate your time, Tech Alley Denver will waive the 20% booking fee, and put 100% of your mentoring session fees directly to a cause of your choice!

Simply set your rates and tell us where you would like your session fees to go, and we will take care of the rest!

We are thrilled to help you support giving back!

lets talk money

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You Set Your Rates

You know what your time is worth, so you set your own rates. We do require a minimum of $10 for any session. And a maximum of $10,000. But, any rate you decide, between that, is up to you.

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Membership & Service Fee

$18.75 monthly membership fee, billed annually ($225.00 automatically billed annually). This fee covers setup and app integrations for the entire year. We also charge a 20% Service Fee for ALL sessions that are booked. Tech Alley Denver is a non-profit (501.3C) organization. So, revenue goes to support our general fund, scholarships and grants.

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Support A Cause

We support giving back! Mentor Alley gives you the option to donate a portion, or ALL of the session fees to a cause or charity of your choice. If you choose to donate 100% of your session fees to a charity, Tech Alley Denver will waive the 20% Service Fee, so that 100% of your session fee will go directly to the charity or cause you have chosen to support.

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