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Angel Guerra-Chagolla
Community Building • Business Plan Creation
$25 • session

10% of the session fees are going to:

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In a world in which women strive for success and equality, it is easy to inhale the words others use to describe us. If not careful, they flood our lungs and our heart with smoke so thick it can smother. When we push too hard, if we speak too loud or we stand out in what others feel is discord, We can be called a "beast". When we walk through the door in heels, keep our lipstick applied or simply smile as we speak..... Well let's say we can be considered "just another pretty face". Throughout my life and career, I've experienced both sides as I gave 200% while earning my degrees and climbing the corporate ladder. As I learned to be less of what others expected or wanted and more of who I really was, I found my balance. Understanding how to communicate ideas, how interactions change depending on the situation and how it is important to ascertain each individuals perception of me. One day, as I was working 50 hours a week, completing my Master's Degree and raising a family, I had contemplated what I heard others saying about my larger than life personality, my nose to the grindstone work ethic and my transparent business practices. I looked into the mirror and thought "I am not a Beast for taking my career to the next level. My best outfits and love of makeup. Do not negate my intelligence and tenacity, I AM a Beauty & Beast in Business...."

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Steve Rooney
New Mobility • Business Strategies
$75 • session

10% of the session fees are going to:

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Steve is a transportation engineer with over 30 years of experience implementing transport systems in the US (ex. LA, Las Vegas, Houston) and internationally (Iraq, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, Saudi Arabia). He focused on the New Mobility space about 4 years ago because he saw the enormous challenge getting to carbon free would be, as well as the enormous range of opportunities getting to that goal would present.

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Dave Hiebeler
Small Business • Marketing Strategies
$45 • session

10% of the session fees are going to:

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Many small businesses are missing the big picture of why they use marketing and what are the best channels to use? It's about getting your own house in order first. Craft a solid plan and reap the rewards. I have worked on thousands of campaigns over the last 3 decades for media channels like, Trulia/Zillow, The Denver Post, and a national media group in 37 U.S. markets. I co-founded a successful marketing agency called Align2Compete. I love marketing but it is more than that, I love talking to business owners and solving real problems they have, now that's fun! Show me your plan ideas and I will tell you where it is strong and where it is weak.

Get Paid To Mentor...

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Only available to speakers, vendors, sponsors, and ambassadors that have or are registered to speak at Tech Alley Denver. Discover how to get paid to host follow-up video mentoring sessions.

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Joseph Haecker
Startup • Passive Income Strategies
$40 • session

100% of the session fees are going to:

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Joseph is a serial entrepreneur, with 17 registered businesses to his name, as of 2022.  Joseph started his career in custom lighting for hotels and casinos. In 2010, while running a successful design consulting business, Joseph realized that in order to earbothn a buck, he would need to sit at a computer for the rest of his life. It was in that moment that his pursuit of "passive income" would begin. After 11 years of multiple attempts, and failed businesses, Joseph discovered a simple strategy for passive income. This strategy is more of a mindset shift, which leads to a different way of thinking about business ownership. To learn in a few sessions, what took him 11 years and nearly $3 Million in failures and botched a time to meet with Joseph.

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