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Denver NFT's.png

Denver NFT's

Welcome to the BEST NFT group in Denver, Colorado! Who? We're a group of like-minded people who are interested in new tech, curious about NFT's and excited for the future. We will explore the new use cases for NFT's, possible solutions to existing problems in the world, as well as companies and projects we are involved in or excited about. If you're new and curious about NFT's and blockchain tech you will find a great resource of information and friendly advice from us. We invite anyone and everyone who is curious or excited about the endless possibilities of NFT's to join and be a part of the NFT community! What? We host: Monthly happy hours Once a month, free to attend, $15 NFT ticket sales include free drink and added perks. Yearly memberships also available with EXTRA UTILITY!!! Project showcases Projects can apply to present at any of our events, no sponsorship required! Educational courses Occasionally, the smart members of our community will volunteer time to teach the rest of us something cool and new! If you'd like to give an educational talk, please reach out to us at How? All our events are free to attend! We are partnering with local businesses to provide perks and rewards through NFT sales! NFT Sales coming soon! ALL (100%) proceeds go directly to partner businesses (breweries, etc) and providing more perks to our community. If you'd like to present your project/business, please visit Interested in sponsoring? We are always looking for potential sponsors that align with our mission. Please visit for more information. For all other information visit our website at

Denver, CO

Denver Crypto Investors and Miners Club.png

Denver Crypto Investors and Miners Club

We are a community of like-minded people from 25+ U.S. and Canadian cities interested in furthering their financial knowledge in the Crypto space. We both share investment strategies and invite top experts in specific areas at least once a month. This group is only for investors 18 years or older and no investment advice will be given. There is always an opportunity to connect with experts and make new contacts. Some of the attendees have become speakers. Let's learn from each other! In addition to the free monthly event, CryptoProCafe hosts paid 2 to 4-hour step-by-step courses in DAO creation, NFTs, Crypto Basics, and trading fundamentals. These are free to premium members who pay just $25 a month for all access.. You can sign up at Premium memberships include ongoing club meetings with instructors to work on your own projects, members-only content, and token rewards. Our mission is to help people engage with blockchain opportunities safely and with more information and collaborators. Let us know if you would like to suggest a topic or location, become a speaker, or co-host in your city. We love to collaborate! Join our Discord group at this link:

Denver, CO

Web3 DAOs NFTs and Metaverse in Colorado.png

Web3 DAOs NFTs and Metaverse in Colorado ($COWIN)

What you'll learn: * Intro to the Industry Disruption * What Blockchain Is and Why It Matters * Wallets: How to Get One, Use It, and Keep It Safe * Intro to Tokens: The New Currency * Intro to NFTs and the Metaverse: More than just JPEGs * Hypothetically Speaking: A Legal Discussion * Cooperative Housing and NFTs: The Housing Model of the Future * TokenTown: The HOA Destroyer * Options for Investing in Real Estate on the Blockchain * What Blockchain Means for the Mortgage, Title, and Maintenance Industries * Security Tokens: Keepin' It All Legit You will hear from industry experts and have the opportunity to network and ask questions. Don't miss it!

Denver, CO

Colorado Springs Real Estate Investment Hour.png

Colorado Springs Real Estate Investment Hour

Real Estate Investment Hour (REIH) is a monthly presentation and networking event that teaches you how to build long-term wealth and save for major life events by investing in real estate. During the session, we share our personal stories, why we decided to invest in real estate, and the success our investments have brought us. We know no one wants to listen to a long presentation, which is why we make it short, easy to understand, and relatable. Our networking group takes what you want to get out of real estate and transforms your needs into a personal path toward financial independence. We are owners at heart and we’re passionate about empowering you to achieve your goals. We understand that it’s not dollars we’re dealing with here. It’s the opportunity to invest in your child’s future education. It’s the pursuit of a retirement dream that’s finally within reach. We give you the tools to invest in what’s important, and we do so with a personal touch rooted in genuine care for you and your future.

Denver, CO

Denver Real Estate Investing Newbies Network.png

Denver Real Estate Investing Newbies Network

If you are Serious about learning how to create a new life for yourself through Real Estate Investing, this is where you should be! This is for newbies as well as experienced investors; learn how Real Estate is the best way to grow your wealth while minimizing risk. We are a group of investors dedicated to helping each other through learning and joining together in spirit, as well as sometimes in partnerships, to produce a win-win situation for all and to build investors' skills and do more deals... So if you are looking to get started in Real estate investing or completely new to investing and you don’t know where to start, if you’re looking to meet more real estate partners or you just want to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, this is a great place to start. If you would like to know more so you can grow and expand your knowledge and network this is the place to be. We have live events, weekly presentations, cash flow games, fix and flip property tours, and workshops where you can continue to learn and build your network! Come, learn, grow, network and have fun! All are welcome to join.

Denver, CO

Long Distance Real Estate.png

Long Distance Real Estate

People who should attend are individuals that are interested in building a real estate portfolio out of the immediate Denver area. This could be Real Estate Investors looking out of state or in other Colorado cities. This group is not affiliated with any company or organization, only like minded people from all experience levels, who wish to learn, network, and grow.

Denver, CO

Denver Real Estate Collective.png

Denver Real Estate Collective

We're a real estate group helping agents create more time for life. We want to educate, collaborate, and network to elevate each of our businesses to new heights. Real estate can be a very independent and sometimes lonely profession. With all of the amazing agents in the Denver Metro, we are hoping to create a community of like-minded agents willing to share and learn from each other. All real estate agents are welcome to join our monthly events to network, collaborate, and share experiences that have brought value to your business. Regardless of brokerage! Come learn all of the industry's secret tips from one of Denver's top 1% REALTOR and our amazing industry partners! Feel free to invite your fellow agents! Format: At each event, we will take 30 short minutes to present/discuss topics that have helped us succeed in real estate. Think: "How to get listings in this crazy seller's market" "RE personal financing & budgeting" "How to establish yourself in your brokerage" "How to set up and get leads from online advertising" "The importance of a CRM and specific systems. The rest of the time will be for you all to meet, network, and build relationships that will catapult your business forward. And most importantly... to enjoy some fun events and great beers with amazing people. Let's create a safe place for our amazing agent community to learn and grow together.

Denver, CO

Meetups and Events Logo 2.png
Meetups and Events Logo 2.png

let's work together

Tech Alley is a non-profit created to build and support local technology and startup communities.

So, let's work together!

We would love to help introduce your Meetup Group or Event to other groups and the ecosystem as a collective.

We simply want to drive more people to your current Meetup or on-going event!

how does it work?

We simply work with you to set up a venue or public space in the Santa Fe Arts District, for you to use during Tech Alley.

This can be a one-off event, or a monthly recurring event.

We are not involved in your business model, or want to steal your thunder.

Our goal is simply to let people in the ecosystem discover you and your group or event, as a resource.

There are no additional event or venue fees charged by Tech Alley.

what's involved?

You simply contact us to share your event needs. And we work to find you a venue during our next Tech Alley event.

When we find you a space, we provide the connection to the venue.

If all works out, we add your Meetup Group or Event details to our website and help share the event details.

We will also include your Meetup or event details on the Tech Alley event schedule, to help attendees navigate to your event.

That's it!

what's in it for you?

Tech Alley works with several Track Ambassadors, venues in the Arts District, panelists, speakers, sponsors, vendors, event organizers and other Meetup groups to build awareness and cross pollenate the entire ecosystem. to share resources.

A direct benefit that you receive is the cross pollination that happens by exposing you to the collective audiences each of these efforts gathers.

We also work to help you coordinate with local venues in the Arts District.

Mostly, we curate a community to enhance the work and the groups that you have already formed.

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