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Teen's Entrepreneurship Incubator

For ages 10-17

Cohort begins January 17th

We believe young people can achieve awesome things.


Like a bootcamp, for entrepreneurship!


We cover all of the steps any entrepreneur would need to complete to launch their own startup or tech company. Each week, we meet for 1.5 hours, developing out a business, the tech, the team and the pitch to raise funding.


We have special guest panels and interactive feedback from local entrepreneurs, successfully funded startups and experts in a range of business related fields.


Investor feedback! We have guest investors from local angel, venture capital and equity funds to host panels, fireside chats and Q&A sessions with our future entrepeneurs.

Final Pitch

Invite family and friends for our final pitch night! Where our future entrepreneurs will pitch their business LIVE on Zoom and in front of 3 investor/judges for prizes and awards.


“… a place where you can discover who you are and what makes you you!”


“… belonging to a global community of likeminded young people that support and encourage you to be your best self. ”


“...a step-by-step process to guide you through the process of turning an idea into reality and launching it with confidence.”

Think like an entrepreneur

Create and realize ideas

Kebloom "Teen's Entrepreneur Incubator" is a 6-week on-site after school program a that guides young people through the step by step process of having an idea, making it the best it can be, and launching it into the world as a business, non-profit, service opportunity, or anything you can dream up.

Ready to start your journey?

Solve a problem

All good ideas are a solution to some problem. Kebloom helps young people to survey and understand their interests and strengths so that they can best use them to develop their problem-solving idea.


Express your creativity

Expressions of creativity vary from painting to poetry to song-writing. Kebloom is a platform that empowers young people to express their creativity in another way through starting a business or other project. Now ideas have a place to grow!


Execute like an entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is someone who launches a project to make a difference in the world. Kebloom guides young people to think with initiative, to take healthy risks, to believe they have value to offer, and to aim all of that at making their idea a success.

Proudly located at Venture X 5-Points


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Do I need to have a business idea?

No. You do not need to have a business idea when you arrive. By the second or third week, we will have developed several ideas and begin refining a concept that we will explore over the 6-week journey.

Who owns the idea?

You do! Kebloom has zero stake or ownership of your concepts or intellectual property. As a minor, that is between the child and their parents and guardians.

Can I register this as a real business?

Sure! If you and your parents would like to take this idea and pursue it as an actual business, during the 6-week incubator, you will have everything you need to file your business and take it to the next level.

What equipment will I need?

All you need is a laptop and smartphone. There is no special equipment needed to be an entrepreneur. Most of the work will be done online or using the tools you already use in school.

What if I have a product idea?

That's great! in that case you may have homework, that may involve finding supplies at home and bringing your samples and mock-ups to the workshops each week.

How long are the workshops?

Each weekly workshop is 1 1/2 hours long (just enough time for your parents to runs a few errands). During that time, we will cover the topics and exercises in the 6-week syllabus.

Are parents able to attend?

Absolutely! Parents can stick around and watch. But we do ask that they hang back and simply observe. The goal is to allow our future entrepenuers to develop their own ideas and solve critical thought processes on their own, or in group networking exercises.

Will the Pitch Event be Virtual?

Yes! We will have both in-person seating and a Live Recorded Zoom Stream of the pitch event. You are welcome to invite family, friends, classmates and who ever you want to attend. The judges will give positive and constructive feedback on your presentation, the concept and how you presented. They will judge the pitches for first, second and third place, based on the concepts ability to execute and its potential viability in the actual marketplace.

Will there be prize money?

No. We will award gifts and awards based on products, services and other donated items from local businesses. Business will be encouraged to offer gift cards, swag, and other non-cash rewards for the winners of the pitch event, as well as any other give-aways.

What happens after the incubator?

Kebloom as actually an online platform that is available all year round. After completing the Kebloom "Kid's Entrepreneurship Incubator" we highly encourage enrolling in the online platform. Depending on your business concept, we can also provide other introductions and resources through local investment groups, startup ecosystem networks and city/state partnerships as well.


One flat rate!

What's included:

6-weeks of onsite instruction...
A Kabloom Startup shirt...
Guest speakers & experts...
Real Investors & VC's...
Venture Capital for Dummies...
Swag & prizes...
An MP3 copy of your pitch...

6-Week Co-Hort


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