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how it works

On the 3rd Friday of each month (10 months out of the year), Tech Alley Denver coordinates and organizes a variety of panel discussions, workshops, interviews, Q&A's, Meetup groups, vendor booths, and experiential activities, at a variety of venues and locations.

There is no "one" main venue. Or "one" main topic. 

Sessions and events are a combination of independent and coordinated topics, with the focus on tech, business, startups and entrepreneurialism.

Sessions are highly encouraged to be spoken in a variety of languages, and appeal to minority groups.

Sessions rotate on the hour, in order to allow attendees the ability to discover and participate in other topics and discussions.

The entire event runs from 9am until approximately 3pm (some networking may run longer)

Hover over the map pins to see an example of events, throughout the district. These are only examples.

Vendor Alley 1st Location
Vendor Alley 2nd Location
Vendor Alley 1st Location
Kick-Off Location
NFT Panel
New Mobilty Panel
Acconting 101
Brazilian Women in Business
Sustainable Packaging
Crypto Q&A
Pitch Event
Starin a Business in Denver
Media Alley
Credit for Small Business
Yoga Session
Founder Mental Health
Venture Capitol Panel
Web3 Meetup
Finding Resources in Colorado
Open Topic Meetup
Recruiting Your Team
Food Tech Panel
Architectural Funding Panel
Startup Mindset Workshop
Exit Strategy Planning
Free Mentor Sessions
Creating your brand strategy