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Rediscover Your Entrepreneurial Spirit with Founder Rehab
Have you poured your heart and soul into your business, only to face its heartbreaking downfall? 
We understand the pain, the loss, and the sense of identity that crumbled with it.
Our 1st Cohort Begins October 30th 2023 at 6:30pm
Introducing the "Founder Rehab" 14-Week Program 
Your lifeline to recover, reframe, and reignite your purpose.
This isn't just a program; it's a haven for founders who've faced the unimaginable. Guided by a proven 14 +2 Step Process, our program mirrors the transformative principles of a 12-step recovery journey. It's specifically designed to mend your spirit, rebuild your confidence, and reignite your entrepreneurial fire.
Benefits of the Program
✓ Find healing and acceptance after business loss
✓ Redefine your identity as a founder and leader
✓ Reconnect with your passion, purpose, and vision
✓ Join a community of like-minded founders on the journey to recovery
✓ Discover actionable steps for rebuilding and regaining success

14 Week Program Cost: FREE
Who Should Join?
✓ Local Business Owners
✓ Solopreneurs
✓ Founders
✓ Tech Startups
✓ Co-founders
✓ Business Partners
✓ Entrepreneurs who've experienced business failure

You are NOT alone!
How It Works
Connect with a local 14-week program or initiate your own to find camaraderie and support. Purchase your copy of the "Founder Rehab" workbook – your comprehensive guide to recovery.

Each week, dive into a new chapter, exploring topics from honesty and acceptance to legacy and impact. Unearth self-discovery through reflective prompts, action steps, and powerful quotes.
What to Expect in the 14-Week Program

Week 1: Honesty and Acceptance
Face your business failure and acknowledge its causes.

Week 2: Hope and Vision
Cultivate hope as a driving force for recovery and envision your future.

Week 3: Surrender and Humility
Embrace humility and the power of being open to new ideas.

Week 4: Self-Reflection and Learning
Conduct a comprehensive self-assessment and identify valuable lessons.

Week 5: Accountability and Amends
Take responsibility for past decisions and discuss making amends.

Week 6: Self-Improvement
Explore personal growth and address character flaws.

Week 7: Self-Care and Resilience
Learn self-care to maintain emotional well-being.

Week 8: Restitution and Rebuilding
Discuss rebuilding professional relationships and reputation.

Week 9: Forgiveness and Moving Forward
Explore self-forgiveness and embrace new opportunities.

Week 10: Mentorship and Support
Seek guidance from mentors and peers.

Week 11: Skill Refinement and Knowledge
Embrace continuous learning and leverage past experiences.

Week 12: Giving Back and Service
Share experiences to support others and offer mentorship.

Week 13: Integration and Collaboration
Reintegrate into the business world and embrace collaboration.

Week 14: Legacy and Impact
Discuss leaving a positive legacy and making a lasting impact.

Join Founder Rehab and start your journey of recovery, growth, and transformation today!
Founder Rehab - FAQ
What is Founder Rehab, and who is it for?

Founder Rehab is a transformative program designed for entrepreneurs and founders who have faced the challenges of business failure. It's for individuals who are struggling with grief, loss, and the emotional aftermath of a failed venture.

What should I expect from the 14-week program?

Each week, you'll delve into a different aspect of your journey, using the "Founder Rehab" workbook as your guide. You'll explore feelings of grief, guilt, and loss, and work through them to regain your confidence, identity, and passion for entrepreneurship.

Do I need any prior experience or qualifications to join?

No prior qualifications are necessary. Founder Rehab is open to anyone who has experienced business failure and is willing to engage in a supportive, empathetic, and transformative process.

Can I participate in Founder Rehab if I haven't gone through business failure yet?
What happens during a typical weekly meeting?
How do I find a local cohort to join?

Founder Rehab is specifically designed for those who have faced business failure and the emotional aftermath. While the program may offer valuable insights to any entrepreneur, its primary focus is on recovery and healing for Former Founders.

Each week, you'll meet with your cohort in a supportive, non-judgmental environment. You'll sit in a circle for the meeting, and your facilitator will open the meeting with announcements and an overview of the past week's chapter information. Then, as a group, you will read outloud the Faounder Rehab "Core Values", which include the code of conduct for each week's meeting. Each member will have the opportunity to share your reflections and insights on the past week's chapter and activity, outloud with the group. When done sharing, the group will say, "Thank you, ____". There is NO dialogue, or feedback on your reflections. This is simply a safe place to share your progress and hear others as they journey through their own progress. This is not a place to "fix" each other, or "coach". This is simply a place to come to the understanding that you are not alone in your thoughts and feelings, and to voice your own journey.

Visit our website to find information about upcoming local cohorts and their facilitators. You can also join a virtual cohort if there isn't one in your area.

Can I join Founder Rehab if I'm not in the tech or startup industry?
How can I become a facilitator and lead a local cohort?
Is there a cost to join the Founder Rehab program?

Absolutely! Founder Rehab is open to entrepreneurs from all industries and backgrounds who have experienced business failure.

If you're interested in becoming a facilitator for Founder Rehab, visit our website and complete the facilitator application. We'll guide you through the process of launching and leading a local cohort.

Each local city has the option to offer the program for FREE or at a cost. Please feel free to browse each city's page to discover the fee options available. Many of the cohorts are also offered online, which provides an opportunity for remote sessions as well. You will also need to purchase the "Founder Rehab" workbook from Amazon to participate in the 14-week journey.

Official Founder Rehab Shirts
Become a Sponsor
✓ Demonstrate empathy and understanding

Position your brand as a catalyst for empowering aspiring founders to rise from adversity 

✓ Associate your company with a program that promotes positive change, resilience, and the advancement of impactful business ideas

✓ Showcase your commitment to supporting local entrepreneurs and fostering a thriving business comm

Make an impact when it matters most!
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