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The World Is Missing Out On Products And Solutions, Simply Because We Lack A System That Includes ALL Founders And Business Concepts

My name is Joseph Haecker. I am the license holder for Tech Alley Denver.

Which means that, I have one-year, to implement a chapter of a non-profit, that supports tech, startup, [business] and entrepreneurship.

During this one-year, I want to aim "bigger", and I need your support.

We could put on another networking event, and say that we did something "good".

Or, we can actually make a change.

My goal is to make a change.

And the space that I see the greatest area for impact is in supporting diversity.

Why should the world be denied a solution, product or service, simply because the person that has an idea, could not find the resources they needed to get their concept into the market?

I ask you to join me in supporting our effort to support founders by donating today. With your donation, we will be able to help a wide range of founders gain access to the education and network they need to bring their concepts to market.

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where does funding go?

A major factor in supporting diversity in tech, is centered around education. With access to education, founders have the tools necessary in building concepts, and business solutions that are likely to gain funding and investment.

Tech Alley partners with mentors, advisors, investors, City and Private organizations to provide education and access to resources. Your donations go to supporting these education sessions and cohorts.

A major barrier for minority founders is access to professional networks that can relate to, and ultimately fund and invest in business concepts.

Tech Alley partners with public and private groups to organize and participate in networking and mentorship opportunities for our sponsorship recipients.

The ability to simply attend events, meetings and networking opportunities, is a major barrier for entry.

Tech Alley partners with and funds the travel needs of our sponsorship recipients, so that they may attend local and non-local events, in order to support their efforts to establish their concepts and funding.

Underserved Founders
There are many biases in tech. Many founders struggle to find support or funding due to disabilities, criminal records, or gender barriers.

Tech Alley partners with and helps to facilitate alternative methods for founders, in order to break and subvert biases. From simple measures such as, partnering with groups that support diversity, to supporting unique travel opportunities, and curating investors and investor groups that are supportive of diversity in this space.

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