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Dave Hiebeler

Small Business • Marketing Strategies

10% of the fees for my session will be donated to:

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About me...

Many small businesses are missing the big picture of why they use marketing and what are the best channels to use?

It's about getting your own house in order first. Craft a solid plan and reap the rewards.

I have worked on thousands of campaigns over the last 3 decades for media channels like, Trulia/Zillow, The Denver Post, and a national media group in 37 U.S. markets.

I co-founded a successful marketing agency called Align2Compete.

I love marketing but it is more than that, I love talking to business owners and solving real problems they have, now that's fun!

Show me your plan ideas and I will tell you where it is strong and where it is weak.

What to expect...

Session Agenda

•   30-Second "elevator" pitch

•   Ask up to 3-Questions

•   Get feedback about your questions

•   1-Final Question

•   1-Final tip or piece of advice

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