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“Help the life of one person and you can help the community.”
– Steven Sawalich
Become a facilitator for a 14-week Founder Rehab cohort and be the guiding light for fellow entrepreneurs on their path to recovery. 
As a facilitator, you'll play a pivotal role in creating a safe and supportive space for founders who are navigating the challenging landscape of business failure. 
Introducing the "Founder Rehab" Facilitator's Guided 14-Week Program 
Your Special Edition Copy to help you help others.
This isn't just a program; it's a haven for founders who've faced the unimaginable. Guided by a proven 14 +2 Step Process, our program mirrors the transformative principles of a 12-step recovery journey. It's specifically designed to mend your spirit, rebuild your confidence, and reignite your entrepreneurial fire.
Benefits of Facilitating
✓ Be the driving force behind positive change in the lives of struggling entrepreneurs

✓ Forge meaningful connections with like-minded individuals who are dedicated to supporting others

✓ Interact with local business leaders, mentors, and sponsors within your community

✓ Draw inspiration from participants' stories of resilience and determination

✓ Provide the support you wish you had received during your own entrepreneurial journey

Become a Founder Rehab Facilitator!
How It Works
Simply fill out the application, and schedule your Facilitator's Discovery Call. We will learn about you and your story and go over the details of running a local 14-week cohort.
Each week, dive into a new chapter, and help others on their journey of self-discovery through reflective prompts, action steps, and powerful quotes.

Apply to be a Local Facilitator

Founder Rehab - Facilitator FAQ
What's my role as a facilitator?
Is there a fee to launch a new cohort?
What does a typical weekly agenda look like?

Your role is to provide a safe space for Former Founders to share their experiences. You are not responsible for providing feedback or guidance. Your main duty is to maintain an environment of respect and support.

No, there is no fee associated with starting a new cohort of Founder Rehab. We are grateful that you have a heart for helping other fellow founders process their grief as a Former Founder, and are willing to help. There is a small book fee for your Facilitator's Guide Handbook, which is available "at cost" on Amazon.

Each week, the members sit in a circle as the facilitator opens up the meeting with some quick announcements, then all of the members read the Core Values outloud, to re-enforce the rules and the code of conduct. Then each member takes turns sharing their reflections on the past week's chapter from the book out lound. After each share, the group responds with a simple "Thank you, _____". This sharing session is the core of the Founder Rehab program. At the end, the Facilitator provides an overview of the following week's chapter and any other announcements.

Is there a specific event or activity for each week?

Yes, each week involves reading and completing the workbook's chapter, followed by a sharing session where members discuss their reflections and insights.

What's required to launch a new cohort?

To start a new cohort, all you need is to find a suitable location and select a launch date. We provide the resources and guidance to help you get the word out and attract participants.

Do I need prior experience to become a facilitator?

While prior experience can be beneficial, it's not mandatory. The most important qualities are empathy, a willingness to support others, and a commitment to the Founder Rehab mission. We provide guidance to help you succeed as a facilitator.

Do I need to be a former founder to become a facilitator?

While having personal experience as a founder can be valuable, it's not a requirement. We welcome individuals who are empathetic and passionate about helping former founders in their journey of recovery.

Can I host a virtual cohort instead of an in-person one?

Yes, you have the option to host a virtual cohort using video conferencing platforms. This can make the program accessible to a wider audience, especially if there are no local participants.

Are there guidelines for facilitating discussions?

Yes, we provide facilitators with guidelines and best practices to ensure productive and respectful discussions. These guidelines help maintain a supportive and empathetic atmosphere during meetings.

Can I charge participants to join my cohort?

Yes, you have the flexibility to offer your cohort for free or at a rate of your choosing. We encourage making it accessible while considering local circumstances.

What kind of support can I expect as a facilitator?

As a facilitator, you'll receive ongoing support from the Founder Rehab team. This includes access to a facilitator's guide, weekly Facilitator Zoom Sessions for Q&A and guidance, as well as a community of fellow facilitators to share experiences and insights.

How do I handle challenging situations or conflicts within my cohort?

While conflicts are rare, we offer guidance and resources on conflict resolution. Our focus is on creating a safe and empathetic environment for all participants, and we provide support in addressing any challenges that may arise.

Can I customize the program for my cohort?

While we recommend following the core structure of the program, we understand that local cohorts may have unique needs. You have some flexibility to adapt the program to best suit your group, as long as it aligns with the core principles of Founder Rehab. We're here to help you tailor the program for success.

How do I find participants for my local cohort?

You can start by reaching out to your professional network, local business organizations, and entrepreneurial communities. Utilize social media, local events, and online platforms to promote your cohort. Founder Rehab will also support your efforts by featuring your cohort on our website and social media channels.

What is the process for becoming a Founder Rehab facilitator?

The process is straightforward. First, you'll need to complete the Founder Rehab program yourself or have a deep understanding of the program's content. Then, fill out our facilitator application. After approval, you'll receive access to facilitator resources and can begin planning and promoting your cohort. Our team will guide you through the entire process to ensure your success.

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