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about tech alley

Tech Alley is a non-profit created to build and support local technology and startup communities. Our goals is to ensure that when people are interested in technology and entrepreneurism, they can find a place to engage that scene, network, and learn from those eager to share knowledge.

our mission

To strengthen communities by bringing people together, fostering a creative class, and creating an inclusive, diverse, and innovative technology and startup culture.



A tech and startup community needs to be an inclusive, diverse, and full of entry-points to build a creative culture. Everyone will be welcomed to participate.


There can be no barriers for people interested in sharing ideas, networking, and inspiring new ways of thinking to engage the tech and startup scene. Tech Alley events will be free, easily accessible, and available.


It is essential that activities are consistent and regular. People need confidence that the community will be there, ready to welcome those who wish to participate.

tech alley board of directors

Joshua Leavitt (President) - CEO, Tech Alley

Snehal Bhakta (Secretary) - CTE Administrator, Clark County School District

Joshua Barousse (Treasurer) - Director of Development & Co-Founder, San José Spotlight


Joseph Haecker (Chapter Organizer) - CEO & founder, Join inCrowd, Inc. and Publik Speakr, Inc.

Michael Bevis (Advisor Counsel) - Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Denver Economic Development and Opportunity| City and County of Denver

Phillip Whiteman (Web & UI/UX)

annual sponsorships



Opening keynote
Recognition during all events
Logos on material.
Committee membership

Only 3 Spaces Available



Speaking opportunity
Recognition during all events
Logos on material

Only 10 Spaces Available



Recognition during all events
Logos on material

Only 15 Spaces Available

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